Yoga and me

How yoga drastically changed my days, my life, and me.

Posted by M on 15 December 2019

This blog is a small lookout over the monumental CHANGES yoga introduced to me. Just to mention it early on - I am no yogi master nor accredited to develop yoga plans. I am a mere superfan and would like to brag on the benefits I won along with it.

My starting line with yoga was a bit rocky… Life was getting tough. Changes were drowning me. Disappointments greeted me everywhere. People were being people - I was being me (Too sensitive? Too weak? That surely is what they wanted me to think!). Anyways, enough of that! Everything was sad and confusing and I was lost. I had a long chat with my mother (who deserves books and monuments for her amazing contributions to my life and happiness). She planted the seed for me to take care of myself and find a calming escape from the stress and chaos. I am usually very active and love to exercise - but at the time I was in the cycle of not having the energy for exercise but desperately needing exercise! Crisis 101… But I knew something had to be done.

I started going to a yoga class once a week at my gym. It was a 45-minute class. I gathered all my courage and confidence. In the class of about 20 people, I was by far the least flexible person… The instructor had to give me special “moves” to do instead. But, I didn’t mind. I was there for me. The moves and flexibility were nowhere near my priorities. One thing the yoga teacher said that stuck with me, was about breathing. If you have done even 2 minutes of yoga, you would also know yoga is all about your breath. He said that belly-breathing (deep breathing) is an inevitable part of your everyday. He said that he can’t even imagine going about his day and tasks without proper breathing. At first, I thought to myself “ Uhh what?”. But I promise it changed my life. It changed my PERSPECTIVE (or rather, breathing gives me a chance to clear my perspective and look at things from a different angle.) In my experience, it assists me to just tune in on how I feel, instead of just reacting and regretting. One belly breath calms my response but also protects me from what I am hearing. Sometimes, we need that second to recognize WHO is saying these things (do they matter in your life? Would their opinion/words matter to you in five years? If not, let it go - breathe it out!)

As life goes, getting to the gym was a mission! Plus, with the class only being at one specific time I was struggling to make it fit my ever-changing schedule. I was slowly getting sucked into the chaotic cycle again as before… SOLUTION! Yay for the 21st-century tech on my side! Yoga on YouTube. My husband searched for a random yoga video, clicked on the first one. As fate would have it, the video was a PERFECT FIT! The yogi, the style, the length - everything fits me like a glove. It was (and still is) Yoga with Adriene. And I never looked back since. I found my safe haven. Where I can practice at any time. Anywhere! Whenever I feel I need it - it is possible! Plus, she gives alternatives if you are too tight here or there; and if you are a beginner - she caters for that too!

Of course, it wasn’t long before my loving hubby got me a beautiful yoga mat. My very own, precious mat! I see it as a symbol of dedication for me to continue taking care of myself. To consciously choose to see the beauty in the everyday. To spend that time on me.

I started for a release. But I found a friend. Hobby. Lifestyle.

By the way, the extended benefits included my muscle levels increased a lot (especially in my arms); I lost fat; my daily posture improved; I sleep way better. What a bonus! My main prize? The happiness; the peace I make on the mat. Daily. The self love.

Essentially, I turned to yoga to find my way back to life and my path. But I found so much more than getting “back on track” - it brought me to a whole new world. It brought me to a better me! Thanks dearest friend, yoga.